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A cheaper alternative to turf – Apply a layer of Hydromulch to bare dirt. Perfect for any shape or size lawns, on any type of land flat or sloping. Places such as dam walls, hill sides, terraces of your front or back yard.
Lawn rejuvenation
If your lawn has been dug up or you have had some home renovations and the lawn has been damaged , or even if your lawn is just tired and showing bald spots, then hydromulch can help.
Erosion Control
Hydromulch can be adjusted in viscosity to cling to very steep batters. Instant erosion control for keeping the dirt in place so it will not be a dust hazard and preventing loss of dirt to rain fall. NOTE: It will be disturbed by heavy or very large rain falls. It is not a replacement for concrete so keep this in mind.
This is like hydromulching but without the thickness of the mulch component. It is a spray of water mixed with tackifier ( Glue ) seed, fertilizer, and dye. It is very cheap to apply but not as effective as a full hydromulch. Still there are applications for it.